Stacy Barthe, Miguel, Luke James, Elle Varner are ‘Nouveau Noir’



R&B is certainly seeing a new renaissance with artists breaking the so-called barriers of what can and can not create commercial success and attract the masses. Some of the new class of artists leading the pack are Miguel, Elle Varner, Luke James and Stacy Barthe, who all share similar interests and thoughts on their artistry, fashion and the music their create. The artists have grown up in the generation of inspiration from every genre and sub-genre, but they are bigger than just one. So much so that they have created a name for it, they see themselves as the Nouveau Noir – the “new black.”

“These are the people who are into art, into fashion, into music, you know anything having to do with art, we’re the artsy kids,” Stacy Barthe recently told

The development of the clique was to allow each artist to feel comfortable expressing their self without stereotypical confines and to have camaraderie from a community. Barthe is an example of an artist who is truly authentic with her art, “I created my own little corner in the world and that’s just me. I can’t even describe what it is; I’m totally me, from how I dress to what I’m saying in my music, that’s just all what sets me apart.”

Though it consist of Elle Varner, Luke James, Miguel and Barthe, they welcome anybody to be down, it is by no means an exclusive circle.


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