Jamie Foxx Portrays Obama-esque Character in New ‘White House Down’ Movie



So, last weekend I took my nephew to see the new action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen. If you aren’t familiar, the basic plot is that Washington, DC, specifically the White House, is attacked by a terrorist group out of North Korea, they take over the building and hold the President hostage. A single ex-Secret Service agent is the countries only hope to spoil the plan and save the President. Quick opinion, it was a good flick, edge of your seat action and suspense. But, now I see there is another movie coming out this summer, which appears almost identical in the basic plot.

This film just so happens to be starring the multi-talented Jamie Foxx though, and he is playing the role of President of the United States (hence the posts title). However, even though Jamie is playing the leader of the free world as an African American man, he says we won’t see many Obama parallels, “I am not doing an impression of Obama,” he said. “Although certain times I do Obama-type things.”

The film, which is titled “White House Down,” also stars Channing Tatum as a police officer named John Cale, who helps fight off domestic terrorists to save the president and our historic monuments.

Watch the trailer below:


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