New Music: Beyoncé – Bow Down / I Been On



Beyoncé is back and is clearly ready to put on her crown and take away everyone’s hopes and dreams that thought they could compete! Unexpectedly, the entertainer dropped new music for those that have been waiting since 2011 when she released her fourth studio album ‘4.’

There has been no confirmation if “Bow Down / I Been On” is the lead single to her new album, but one thing for sure is Beyoncé is back with more confidence than ever!

Take a listen to what Mrs. Carter is delivering below…


  1. Cray 11 years ago


  2. TheCiscok1d 11 years ago


  3. Tee 11 years ago

    rubbish rubbish rubbish, and im a fan.

  4. Brangfan 11 years ago

    wtf is this , ewww

  5. universalaura 11 years ago

    degradation of a r&b princess in progress. the industry is trying to severely  downgrade bey’s music

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