Robin Thicke Shoots “Blurred Lines” Video, Talks New Album



Last week, he released the single cover, and Robin Thicke is wasting no time getting behind the lens to shoot the music video for his upcoming new single “Blurred Lines” featuring T.I. and Pharrell. VIBE TV visted the set and spoke to the soulful singer about the single, video and new album.

“I never really try to plan my albums out, I just write what I’m going through and try to make songs that I would love to hear,” explained Robin. “It’s got a lot of uptempo stuff, more than I normally make, and then it’s got those sexy ballads and heartfelt music, I never like to repeat myself, I always try to be sure that every album is completely different from all the others.”

Pharrell joined Robin on set, and basically planted the seed for him to record a future James Bond theme song. “As a producer I get to work with a guy that’s been a student to so many different very specific eras, but incredible vocal control.”

Robin shared the two have done 3 records on the new album, but he recorded 40 songs, speaking about their chemistry together, “As Pharrell understands, when you are trying to make your own journey as an artist, you have to make the fun stuff, and then you gotta make sure that it expresses your life and where you’re at in your life,” he said. “That is more important to me than topping the charts.”

Robin’s new song “Blurred Lines” is expected to hit iTunes on March 26. Peep the video footage below:

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