Fantasia & Harmony Samuels Talk ‘Rock Soul’ Sound on ‘Side Effects of You’


Fantasia answered fans prayers with her impressive new album Side Effects of You. In the latest clip from her personal interview about the project, the songstress is seen in the studio laying down some seriously emotional ad-libs and talking about the ‘rock-soul’ sound of the album.

Tasia explained how working with producer Harmony Samuels she discovered the feeling she was looking for. “When I came in here and I saw that Harmony plays the bass, and he plays the boards, and he can create stuff, it just reminded me of the church house, [I felt like] ‘Yo I’m back in the church house, this is how we used to do it, I’m supposed to be right here!'”

Harmony, who produced the entire LP, shared his early musical influences and what his views on the sound is, “The rock part is the edgy, [the] undertones are still going to be Hip-Hop and R&B, but the rock part is the edginess of it, not having its normality [though], the soul part is Fantasia. Fantasia pours her soul into the edginess.”

Peep the clip above. Side Effects of You is in stores now!

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