Has Mariah Carey’s New Album Title Been Revealed?


Mariah Carey Melancholic Moment

Mariah Carey has been slowly building anticipation for her forthcoming album, which has remained untitled — that is until now?

It appears that Walmart might have let the cat out of the bag unofficially when they posted the title of a new album from MC, with the expected release date of July 23.

The currently ‘untitled’ album will be the Pop divas 11 studio effort, and 14 total release including two Christmas LP’s, and the ‘Glitter’ soundtrack. The album has been preceded by the acclaimed and successful duet single, “#Beautiful” featuring Miguel. The record has currently peaked at #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

So, what is the rumored title? Take a look below to find out…

Mariah Carey The Art of Letting Go Walmart

Mariah Carey The Art of Letting Go Walmart 2

Walmart has created the release page for the album, with the title “The Art of Letting Go.”  An interesting and questionable name, however, it just might be, if a recent Instagram message/tweet by Mimi is any indication.

This could actually be a fitting title… What do you think??

UPDATE: Jermaine Dupri has confirmed the title is in fact The Art of Letting Go, and the release date is July 23!

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