New Music: Ben Official feat. Add-2 – I Wish Too



Up and coming singer/songwriter Ben Official hopes to use his voice to spark some change and hope for a better future on “I Wish Too.” The Chicago based crooner teams up with rapper Add-2 for the inspirational record to address what’s been going on in Chicago with all the deaths of young men and teens due to gun violence. The city’s current situation along with the verdict in the Trayvon Martin case set off a lot of emotions for the singer.

“The main back story for the song is this: I myself was a victim of witnessing death from gun violence at an early age. Exactly 24 years ago, my father was gunned down and robbed. So this song, as well as the ‘Circa 87’ project has a lot of meaning to me.”

Take a listen to Ben’s call to action below:

Hear Ben Official’s full project ‘Circa ’87here.

  1. nana bekoe 10 years ago

    Dope project

  2. will 10 years ago

    powerful song

  3. Marty 10 years ago


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