New Music: Justin Bieber – Hold Tight


justin bieber hold-tight

Justin Bieber looks to make hearts melt with “Hold Tight,” the third release in his Music Mondays series. Following “Heartbreaker” and “All That Matters,” the 19-year-old sensation sings about a love that he just can’t shake.

“I am a hopeless romantic so when I love someone, I never want to let them go,” explained Bieber. “This song is about the rush you get when you have that feeling. No matter how hard you try, you can’t let that person go. You just want to hold on as tight as you can. I tried to capture that with this one.”

Beliebers can look forward to a new song each Monday until Dec. 16. His upcoming movie Believe opens in theaters on Christmas Day.

Listen to Biebs’ romantic record below:

  1. RUe 5 years ago

    I find it a little disturbing that I find this to be sexy…*looks around* When’d Justin get grown?
    I need to go somewhere, clearly.

  2. moxieraia 5 years ago

    I can relate to this song. Being romantic is not really that bad, because once you feel love, it just goes on, and you can’t let go that easily. There are countless ways to tell someone how much you love them just like this song “Bad Decisions” by Moxie

  3. Freddy Wexler 5 years ago

    Typical song for his age, but it’s full of soul. It’s great!

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