Premiere: Kristal Lyndriette – Silhouette


Kristal Lyndriette Silhouette

Introducing the first lady of Tyrese’s Voltron Records — Kristal Lyndriette!

Previously a member of RichGirl (along with Sevyn Streeter), the singer/songwriter has been working very hard on her solo career, and is ready to give you the first taste!

Her debut single “Silhouette” is a steamy and sexy R&B jam. “Two soft bodies moving together/ Wrapped in the moment, feelin the pleasure/ Every second feels like heaven/ Kinda love making that takes like forever,” sings Kristal over the subtle yet magnetic production.

Get turned on with your first listen below!

For more info, follow Kristal @ItsKristalLyn.

  1. CeeLo 11 years ago

    This is real nice

  2. cherylc 11 years ago

    This is really nice. I just wished when people make it big time, the wouldn’t mind helping someone else make it to. We as black artist, they forget how hard it was for them & they don’t care about anyone else.

  3. kraftie 11 years ago

    I love it.  Nice beat and good lyrics.  Good luck to you

  4. JenniferHenning 11 years ago

    Really like it love the flow.

  5. BenbrihMohamedRossoneri 11 years ago

    very bice end cool

  6. DACANDIESHOP2 11 years ago


  7. JoylynLiOnneAlexander 11 years ago

    I’m feeling the good vybz

  8. geminiqueen 11 years ago

    This song is so dope ! Watch it BLOW up out of NO WHERE ! I think she might be next up , no, she IS next up ! I think she has a great story to tell and the world will be willing to listen. #BeenAFanSinceDay1

  9. Hollywood 11 years ago

    This song is crazy dope Kristal! Definitely ready for your album to drop. Your next to blow!

  10. Lilugmo44 11 years ago

    It’s a nice song and she can sing kinda sounds a little like Kelly Rowland. She will be an instant hit because of who she has backing her which is Tyrese we all Love and Appreciate what he brings to the world but when the dust settles then we will truely know if Ms. Kristal career will be long term or short term. I Praying for long term I want to see everyone dreams come true and receive there Blessings.

  11. RafaelTamashiro 11 years ago

    top demais   hii sou brasileiro  .sou fan seus

  12. Lady Marlo 11 years ago

    Unique sound…. Beautiful young lady!!!! I got chills…. Loved it!!!!!

  13. universalaura 11 years ago

    richgirl should still be together, but this girl can sing for real.

  14. Sal 10 years ago

    Not sure how you can say that to be honest, I mean the track you are commenting on is about an artist who has been trying to breakthrough as a solo artist and happens to be getting help from another artist that has made it.
    Give her time, she’ll get there and then be in a place where she’s be able to help others out, as Ty is helping her now.

  15. aurieminaw5 10 years ago

    Im not feeling the song yet. Prob has to grow on me. She has a pretty voice and the look so hopefully she will be long standing. Go girl ,wish u the best in this industry!

  16. MLao 10 years ago

    Sounds just like Beyonce…something new please?

  17. Irene1222 10 years ago

    I like the song and would love to hear more from you! Peace and Blessings, Kristal….at one point she sounds like Chrisette Michelle and you can not go wrong with that

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