Video: 7 Days of Funk (Dam-Funk & Snoopzilla) – ‘Fade Away’


Snoop has done it again, bringing retro funk back to the mainstream. After his surprising yet incredibly awesome vocoder lead song “Sensual Seduction,” many have wanted to hear more from him in that lane. Now, the rap icon returns as one half of the new duo 7 Days of Funk, made up of himself and musician/producer Dam-Funk.

The duo have released the video for their single “Fade Away,” which captures them rocking a hyped crowd at a retro Los Angeles underground party. Snoopzilla sports a Jehri curl inspired by 80’s funk icons like Roger Troutman & Rick James. Dam-Funk lays down the funk with his instrument of choice – the keytar!

They will release the 7 Days of Funk album on December 10 via Stones Throw Records. How can you not love this!

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