R. Kelly Performs Medley on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’



R. Kelly continued his TV promo for the release of his new album Black Panties, with a visit to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday night.

The R&B icon hit the outdoor stage to perform a medley of his new singles. While sitting on a stool, a masked Kellz recreated his album cover by playing the violin on one of his dancers and singing his slow jam “Genius.” He then segued into his anthem “My Story,” bringing out 2 Chainz to perform his verse, and ended with new song “You Deserve Better.”

He also sat down for an interview, where he discussed his fear of flying, writing his song “Remote Control,” and explained the album title. He also revealed hopes to release a ‘Black Panties’ book, and spoke about the next episodes of ‘Trapped In The Closet,’ which are set to air in 2014 on IFC.

Kellz, who used to sing on the street, also performed his ode to McDonald’s. “McDonald’s is the place for you, when your day is through, you can go to McDonald’s and get yourself a big Mac,” he sang.

Watch R. Kelly at his best below!

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