Leigh Bush Talks Sex, Love & Music in New Issue of Kontrol Magazine



R&B crooner Leigh Bush has been hard at work recently. Traveling to different cities, putting on shows, and creating new music, the former childhood star has been keeping himself extremely busy these days.

Adding to his already tedious schedule, the “Come With Me” singer made some time to stop by and shoot the breeze with the good folks over at Kontrol Magazine. Posing on a white couch in some pretty dapper threads, the artist formerly known as Sammie has transitioned into a full out gentleman right in front of our eyes.

In the issue, Leigh talks about the process of rebranding himself, sex in the industry and love in his life. Stating:

“My music definitely reflects the changes in my life…I’ve been through more so I discuss a lot more in my music…you know I’ve been in love, relationships, had triumphs and hardships just like anyone else…luckily, I’ve been able to use music as my outlet…” 

As one of the few stars that still remains humble and interactive with his fans, we’re excited to see what 2014 brings for him. Take a look at some pictures the shoot below and don’t forget to check out the new issue of Kontrol Magazine!



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