Beyoncé Shares Stunning New Personal Pics


Beyonce tumblr_n0i5d9LuzW1rqgjz2o1_1280

Ever since Beyoncé started sharing her world with the public through social media we just can’t get enough. From her behind-the-scenes work shots, to personal vacation photos the woman is a non-stop machine handling business, performing, recording and motherhood all at once.

While she is still putting up big sales numbers from her fifth studio album, and prepping to hit the road again on the next leg of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Bey has shared a few new personal pics on her tumblr page, and they are stunning.

Taking a moment to lounge in a plush chair, while spending some time with Blue Ivy, she shows off her body in a luxurious silk robe and bra. Additionally she plays with the camera showing her Yoncé iPhone case and bare legs, while chilling in her Flawless sweatshirt in another.

Take a look at the shots below:

Beyonce tumblr_n0i4nxkE0N1rqgjz2o1_1280

Beyonce tumblr_n0i5e9ORKG1rqgjz2o1_1280

Beyonce tumblr_n0i5fiGk7F1rqgjz2o1_1280

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