DJ Trendsetter Sense Presents: ‘R&B Trends’ featuring Adrian Marcel – “2 AM (Remix)”



What’s good! It’s your boy Trendsetter DJ Sense back on this R&B grind. Atlanta was crazy last week. I’m so glad the snowstorm fiasco is over and everyone is safe. My compadre Don Cannon (VP, A&R of DefJam) and I have been on lock down in the studio working on a new mixtape with West coast representative Adrian Marcel.

If you didn’t know Adrian is the protégé for the legendary Raphael Saadiq from the 90’s R&B group Tony Toni Tone, Lucy Pearl, etc. With that type of support behind his project you know this guy is the truth.

Adrian Marcel’s new joint “2 AM” is one of my favorites right now. The new remix version focuses on the west coast nightlife and features rated next talent Sage the Gemini and Problem.

Take a listen below and let me know if you’re feeling the track!

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