Indie: Jhani Travette Releases Debut Mixtape ‘The Idea of North’


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At some point in life, many will discover that they have outgrown the people, places, and things around them, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. During these transitional phases it can be difficult to tell the difference between rejection and rebirth. Emerging artist, Jhani Travette (pronounced: jon-ee truh-vet), captures this juncture perfectly in his debut project The Idea of North.

The 23-year-old New York City based Maryland native proves he is ready for prime time in the 13-track mixtape in which he produces, not just songs, but whole experiences. And as you’ll notice, each experience is very different and yet it all comes together to form a cohesive whole in the end. With a vocal dexterity head and shoulders above the competition, the lyrics of a brilliant creative, and certified attractiveness his star is sure to rise fast. Keep an eye out for this one.

Follow the jump to stream and download now:

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For more info visit and follow him @jhanitravette.

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