Chris Brown Has A Chance to Get Out of Jail, For The Right Price



As is the case for many celebs and the wealthy, Chris Brown‘s attorney might have a way to get the R&B superstar out of the slammer!

While early this week it seemed Brown was s-o-l when the judge denied his lawyer’s plea to let him leave prison after being locked up for the weekend, due to getting booted from the Malibu rehab facility where he was court ordered to remain for another 2 months.

After the facility provided detailed information about why they were forced to kick him out, including breaking a rule they had in place regarding him having physical contact with any females in the building, the judge in his probation case ruled that Chris would have to remain locked up in a L.A. jail until his D.C. assault trial took place. If he was found guilty in that case it would trigger a probation violation in the Rihanna case, which could land him in prison for up to 4 years.

Now, TMZ has learned his lawyer has found a way out of the hole…with a big payout!

Sources connected with the D.C. assault case tell TMZ … Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, has contacted the lawyer for the man who claims Chris assaulted him in D.C., breaking his nose, and offered him a BIG FAT CHECK.

We’re told Geragos is gunning for a civil settlement … which could very well mean the broken nose guy would tell prosecutors he no longer has an interest in pursuing the criminal case. And our sources say prosecutors are aware of the civil settlement negotiations.

We’re told Geragos may have already sealed the deal but if not … it should be done in a day or 2.

So here’s the likely resolution. The alleged victim gets a ton of money (our educated guess is several hundred thousand dollars), D.C. prosecutors drop the criminal assault case and the Rihanna judge then lets Chris out of jail either late this week or early next.

Happens all the time right? See Kanye West story 1, 2, 3…

It would appear the only reason they didn’t attempt to do this sooner is because they felt Brown would not be convicted in the D.C case.  But, now that he has to sit in jail for over a month he is becoming desperate.

This is a developing story. What do you think??

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  1. PoeInspires 8 years ago

    wow. i mean i’m sure its going to happen if dude takes the money

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