Trendsetter DJ Sense Presents: ‘R&B Trends’ featuring Keke Palmer – ‘Ride This Beat’


Keke Palmer Ride This Beat IMG_0760

Spring is almost here and there is a lot of new music on the horizon! R&B is definitely taking back its place at the forefront of urban music. My brother Bangladesh dropped his first single “Trixx,” which you heard here first 2 weeks ago. Be on the lookout for some crazy collaborations with your boy Sense and Bang!

In addition to his project, he’s teamed up with award-winning actress Keke Palmer for her solo project. You all know we last saw Keke playing Chilli in the TLC movie. The movie was our first glimpse into an almost grown up Keke, but trust me this music is guaranteed to make you look at her in a totally different light (No more Akeelah & the Bee).

I wanted to give readers the preview of the first single “Ride This Beat,” off her upcoming project. The Bangladesh, Keke collaboration is giving her fans a hot new sound!

Stay tuned for the “Ride This Beat” Remix featuring B.O.B, and the Keke Palmer and Rhythm & Streets mixtape is coming soon too. God Bless!

Take a listen to “Ride This Beat” below:

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