Video: Mali Music – ‘Beautiful’



Jamaal “Mali Music” Pollard is a singer/songwriter/musician signed to RCA Records with a unique emotional sound, blending styles of neo-soul, R&B and hip-hop. The Savannah, Georgia native puts his lighter in the air for love in the new music video for his current single “Beautiful.”

Mali sends out a message of positivity and persistence as he strolls down the streets of Los Angeles, while scenes of a beautiful ballet dancer pursuing her dreams lead the visual.

“It’s a blessing to see people, with their heads up to the sky still/ Cuz honestly for the same people, life can be so real,” he sings.

Peep the new video below:

  1. LunaTekle 8 years ago

    Makes my heart feel so good! love this song!

  2. LunaTekle 8 years ago

    Watch the “Beautiful” video and make sure y’all preorder Mali Music’s album “Mali Is…” June 16th!

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