Ciara Glows In New ‘W’ Magazine Shoot


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Ciara is really taking the whole pregnancy glow thing to the next level! Looking absolutely ravishing in her most recent shoot for famed women’s magazine, ‘W‘, the singer and part-time model takes a shot at posing with her new accessory.

Ready to pop, the eight month pregnant star jumped in front of the camera to show off what fiancé Future calls the “growing basketball”. Dressed in a crop top, long dress with high split and a simple black bathing suit, the Ryan Hastings style shoot definitely fit the mold of astonishing captures that Ciara has given us from shoots in the past.

Titled, “Ciara’s Great Expectations,” the Sarah Leon written piece touches on Cici’s pregnancy, her new album and much more. When asked about her pregnancy, she stated:

 “My mom and I don’t have a lot of photos of my early years. So I decided we should document everything. This is one of those moments you can’t repeat.”

Exuding excitement as the days dwindle down, it’s obvious that the 28-year-old can’t wait to be a mother and wife. Telling the magazine of her and Future’s relationship:

“Music is a place where we have a very strong connection. We created “Body Party,” and that song created something else—and that’s why we’re here.”

Also throwing in that this upcoming album is her “best yet”, one can only anticipate what the future Mrs. Cash has in store.

Take a look at the photos from her L.A. shoot below:

[W Magazine]

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