Throwback Thursday: Solo – “Where Do You Want Me To Put It”


Dubbed The Temptations of the ’90s, Solo was a R&B and soul group who began their career singing street corner doo wop. Eunique Mack, Darnell Chavis, Dbass Robert Anderson and previous members James Smith & Dez performed on the streets of New York in the early 1990s. The production team of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis overheard the guys and helped them get established.

“Where Do You Want Me To Put It” was a single released on the groups 1995 eponymous debut album. The single reached No. 8 on the Billboard R&B chart and No. 50 on the Billboard Pop chart. The group is known for their gritty soul, live instrumentation, tight harmonies, and amazing Sam Cooke covers. Darnell’s rough and textured voice balanced against Dan’s smooth powerful tenor and falsetto are perfect complements to Rob Anderson’s jazzy upright bass which has allowed Solo to stand unmatched.

Remember when singers sung about “getting it on” but it wasn’t vulgar or overtly sexual and over the top? Songs like this were so smooth you almost forgot what they were singing about. The black-and-white music video shows the group performing at a party and everyone enjoying the scene, music, and the soul train line! The video opens with the group doing a soulful cover of Sam Cooke’s “Everybody Loves to Cha Cha Cha”. Enjoy the video above!

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