Video: Michael Jackson feat. Justin Timberlake – ‘Love Never Felt So Good’



The brand new posthumous Michael Jackson project Xscape is in stores now. Lead by the groovy Off The Wall era single “Love Never Felt So Good” and it’s accompanying Justin Timberlake version, they have now released the official music video.

Opening with Justin kicking off the percussion lead intro and classic scenes of Michael, the visual is filled with numerous choreographed dance sequences and various fans singing MJ’s lyrics. JT joins a group of dancers to party to the catchy tune, while others re-create scenes from the King of Pop’s iconic music videos.

Xscape is projected to sell between 120-140k in the first week, it is available in stores and on digital retailers now. Check out the dance-heavy video below!

  1. mreagan88 10 years ago

    this is cool….next time they should put his kids and family in the video.

  2. YvanSvajlen 10 years ago

    very cool, love it :)

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