Alicia Keys Wants To Help Women Feel Good About Themselves With Her Next Album


Alicia Keys has toured the world numerous times, acted in films, directed TV specials, helped score and produce theatrical productions, created sneaker lines and much more. If she isn’t a super woman than we don’t know who is, but Givency seems to think so, as they have made the superstar the face of their newest fragrance Dahlia Devin.

But that’s not the only new project Alicia has on her plate right now, she has a brand new album in the works as well.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the “Girl on Fire” singer is ready to open up about herself on this go round, choosing to focus on concept and the message as opposed to melody.

“With this album, I find I have much more I want to talk about,” she said to WWD. “This album is more about the concept, the thought I’m trying to get across, where in the past it’s been more about the melody. This time it’s more about what we’re going through as human beings. We all experience similar things. I find that the world puts us in these boxes where we’re only allowed to be one way — like, ‘to succeed as a career woman, you need to do it this way,’ or ‘to be a gay man, you have to be this way.’ First of all, we’re so much more complex than that. It’s about breaking down those boundaries. The songs concentrate on concepts like that. As human beings, we like to identify with something, and as for me, I love people with a strong point of view.”

One particular song Keys is excited about is “Killing Your Mother.” She says not to take the title literally, “It’s about emotions. I’ll leave it at that.”

Keys wants this album to be full and cohesive and not just singles driven, which she says the music industry has been reduced to since the rise of iTunes. “Obviously record companies need to go where the business is, so we started making singles,” she said. “Which is cool, but there’s something so amazing about an entire body of work, a collective view, that sense that all of this music came from one artist.”

As for her ad campaign with Givenchy, Keys is very vocal about her ideals of beauty and loves that the design house is supporting the modern-day woman.

“I would like to see different representations of what beauty is. I’d like to see women with a little more voluptuousness. There’s no way in the world that we’re all a size 2, and people beat themselves up if they’re not small enough or light enough or dark enough or skinny enough,” she explained. “Also, I don’t think we’ve all been encouraged, as women, to really speak out. If we’re really opinionated, or very knowledgeable or very wise, suddenly it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s b—-y, she thinks she knows it all.’”

The Givenchy campaign will begin in September, and Keys’ new album is slated for 2015.


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  1. John 7 years ago

    I love this woman. She is the definition of class, strength, and femininity

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