Video: Ryan Hemsworth feat. Tinashe – ‘One For Me’


Ryan Hemsworth Tinashe One For Me

Canadian DJ/producer Ryan Hemsworth crafted one of rising singer Tinashe‘s greatest records last year with “One For Me,” off his debut album Guilt Trips and her mixtape Black Water. Better late than never the musical mastermind has now released an interesting visual to accompany the smooth single.

Visualized with the intent to make the ‘most boring video of 2014’ the clip plays out like a regular day in the life of a “cool” DJ, but it’s far from what you would think. From eating room service alone, to taking a meaningless drive in a white Lamborghini through Montreal, to spending vast amounts of time just waiting around, the visual, which is shot too well to actually be boring, is an excellent eye opener for anyone that thinks artists and DJ’s always live a life of nonstop excitement.

While Tinashe unfortunately does not make a cameo, her sultry vocals are so soothing they carry you through the video of mundane moments with pure aural enjoyment.

Check it out below:

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