Watch: Jazmine Sullivan Debuts New Song “Stupid Girls” with NPR Acoustic Performance



Sevyn Streeter wasn’t the only R&B songstress that NPR linked up with this past July during the ESSENCE Music Festival.

For their unique ‘Field Recordings’ series the radio network filmed a unique and special performance with Jazmine Sullivan.

“A few blocks from New Orleans’ Superdome, just off Canal Street, there’s a barber shop called Clear-Vue, which has been in business since 1948,” explained Frannie Kelly of NPR. “While we were in the city for the Essence Music Festival, we asked Jazmine Sullivan to meet us there.”

“When she walked in, patrons and barbers alike were wary. But they knew who she was, and when she began to sing, wearing her powerhouse instrument lightly, everyone ceded her a floor that had been previously occupied by a heated debate about college football. To a roomful of captivated men, she sang a brand new song, “Stupid Girls,” that warns women to be careful with their heart.”

Another captivating and amazing acoustic session. Watch Sullivan’s performance below!

[via NPR]

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