ThisisRnB Presents: “R&B Date Night” Playlist on Spotify



So, there’s a story behind this… Here it goes:

About 2 years ago I unfortunately became single after a 6+ year relationship. I was thrown into the single life and quickly realized that I did not have a proper “panty dropper” mix to put on for when the dates ended up back at my house. I would just end up using whichever mix of whomever that was over…..which wasn’t always the best.

So, that’s how this list was created.  First, I must tell you the first few versions were horrible. I actually had a date tell me to turn it off cause it was ruining the mood…I started the mix off with “Sex You” by Bando Jonez… yeah…probably too straight forward.  I’ll never forget the look she gave me, like “Is this ninja serious?” Mad funny and embarrassing at the same time.

After some deliberation and help from the rest of the ThisisRnB team, I had the final list.  We then sent the mix over to the folks at Spotify, and they liked it so much that they published the playlist in their “Browse” section. Which is a hell of an honor.

Fellas this list works well. Trust me. Just follow the flow, she’ll love it and maybe you too. We can just supply you with the theme music, you have to do the rest.

Let us know what you think of the mix below:

*Listen on Spotify here or use the player below:

-words by Brian Allonce

  1. african king 9 years ago

    thank you!!!

  2. M_ 9 years ago

    absolutely spot on! I would include on this list and great to see true R&B date night veteran artists like Joe, Donell Jones and Maxwell getting a cameo.

  3. Kelcine 9 years ago

    I love the playlists you post. Please keep it up!

  4. JetLife_Jones 9 years ago

    Nice list!!!!

    I have a mean panty dropper playlist! Tested and approved!!!! lol Let me know how I can submit it…

  5. 9 years ago

    it allgood

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