Video: Carmen – Cold


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A few months ago, we posted aN up and coming artist by the name of Carmen as she unveiled her new single, “Cold“. Well, if you were feeling that track before, you can now have the pleasure of seeing what she’s cooked up for the visual!

Strutting her stuff in sky high pumps, the sweet yet sassy young singer flaunts her style and she gets down to business. Letting her favorite guy know that he’ll never have another like her, Carmen doesn’t hold back on the amount of sex appeal she lets out in the new video.

Watch Carmen as she gets to the sh*t talking below!

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  1. Bibo 7 years ago

    this song is cute and she is cute! i never expected this song to have a video.. i randomly downloaded it from some rnb website..and i played that song for a few days and then completely forgot about it and now i’m back to listening to it again, all thanks to this nice video! do your thing girl!!! <3

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