Kelly Rowland Stuns in ‘Elle Magazine’ Pregnancy Shoot


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Take a look at Kelly Rowland!

While the gorgeous singer has been a little low-key lately, these pictures of the soon-to-be mom prove that she’s doing just fine.

Posing for Elle Magazine, the 33-year-old looks absolutely stunning! Dressed in sky-high heels and an all black ensemble, the above image shows that she hasn’t lost her classy touch at all. Telling Elle, “I can’t wait until he gets here. I just have a couple more weeks. I’m excited to bring a child into the world, and sharing that experience with my husband is probably the most beautiful part,” Kelly is obviously overjoyed about becoming a mother.

Also discussing her pregnancy cravings and her ambition to stay fit during this pregnancy, she told the famed magazine, “Everybody always tells you to go crazy with food, and you can eat whatever you want. It’s fine to have your cravings, but I wanted an easier delivery. All the women that I’ve talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery.”

In addition, the “Kisses Down Low” songstress touched on the rumors of her playing Donna Summer in the upcoming biopic saying, “All these rumors! I was just with my glam squad, we were having fun and we saw this beautiful picture of a Donna Summer record. I was like ‘let’s try to do this look!’ I love Donna Summer. I love how she’s this sex goddess, and she’s so beautiful and powerful onstage. So we mocked up a cover and I posted a picture. That’s all it was! But it would be an amazing opportunity to play her.”

Kelly also confirmed that she will be back in the studio soon to bring fans new music as well as her interest in doing a children’s line of clothing.

You can read the entire interview here and check out more shots from the shoot below!





(Photos by Lance Gross)

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  1. TonyP 9 years ago

    guess it’s asking too much to keep your clothes on… you look like you swallowed a basketball… if you are pregnant, why are you trying to look sexy? just look pregnant… please…

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