New Music: JMSN – Street Sweeper


JMSN Street Sweeper

Alt-Soul singer/songwriter/producer JMSN has announced that his anticipated self-titled album will be released on December 9, and gives fans the first piece of the album with the lead single “Street Sweeper.”

“The ‘Blue Album’ actually started after ‘Priscilla’ was done in 2012,” says JMSN, “It was a process that put me with at least 40 songs that had to be cut down to the 14 which are on there now. The title of the album is actually ‘JMSN’ — it is self-titled because I feel like it’s me finding out even further who I am and diving into that. Not based on a circumstance but rather based on me and how I feel about everything in my life.”

Along with the announcement, JMSN premiered “Street Sweeper,” which showcases his signature sound: a supernatural, R&B-inspired, hippie vibe.

“’Street Sweeper’ is about a person that I observe from an outside perspective; almost as if I don’t know the person, but in reality I do. I try to figure out what draws me to this person so much. I point out flaws and other things I see in them but still always come back to that fact that I love whatever it is they have,” he explained about the song that was recorded in 15 minutes after observing a particular female that worked in a random bar he was in.

Take a listen below:

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