Throwback Tuesday: H-Town vs. Portrait (Robert Townsend Show)


R&B used to be sooooooooo good there was showmanship and even a competitive nature about it where singers would battle vocally.

Today we are flashing back to the Robert Townsend show competition between ’90s heartthrobs H-Town & Portrait. The groups battled it out with an old school classic, new school classic, a plug round for their new single, and last but not least, a performance round of their favorite song of all time. When it seemed as H-Town had stolen the hearts in the crowd Robert Townsend took it to a final round titled the Musical Moment of Truth Round. H- Town continued to hold it down with their lead singer, the late Dino’s gritty soul, and Portrait held it down with their range and tight harmonies.

We see cyphers and rap battles for rappers so often, but wouldn’t it be awesome to see R&B singers with a platform to battle it out vocally for fun?! Townsend announced at the end of the show that it was a tie between the two groups. Let us know who you believe should’ve won.

Enjoy part 1 above, and check out part 2 below!

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  1. mon88 10 years ago

    Man that was so cool H-Town is definitely my fav group.

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