Listen! Usher Gets Sentimental With New Single “Clueless”



While there has been a mixed range of emotions shooting through fans of megastar Usher, for his decision to partner with Honey Nut Cheerios to release some new music, that hasn’t stopped him from moving forward with the plan.

Once the news was originally revealed, many thoughts ran through our head about the content of the single, and just how the marketing was going to work. Well, on this good Saturday afternoon, our minds have been put to rest. Finally getting the chance to hear the song, we must say that it’ll have you running to your nearest Walmart to pick up a box of Cheerios for this.

Titled “Clueless,” the new single will take fans back to the era of the great ’70s. Memorizing us with every chord, string, and vocal, Usher’s sound on this single will have you touched in ways you can only imagine.

Exclusively sold at Walmart, the special marked boxes will come with a code where buyers can access the new single online. While it’s not confirmed if this will be found on his upcoming album, it surely keeps us interested in the direction that he’s going.

Take a listen to the groovy new track below!

  1. lf3 9 years ago

    definitely needs to be on the CD

  2. Webslinga 9 years ago


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