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Tien Retreat

Hungry for some quality soul music? Then feast your ears on indie singer Tien and his new single “Retreat.”

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter divides his time between the beaches of Southern Brazil and the highways of Los Angeles, and describes himself as a “philosophical romantic.”  Born to Vietnamese immigrants and raised in the rural town of Royal Oak, Maryland, Tien has a soaring, pure tenor voice that will guide you on a soulful voyage through Motown-inspired melodies and Rio-flavored rhythms. “I write a lot of my songs on foot, walking through whatever city I’m in,” he explains.

Earlier this year, Tien debuted his new single live on CBS Los Angeles, and now he is ready to share the official studio version. Over a subtle funky bass and soft strings, Tien coos about rekindling the comfort of love.

“What’s the price that I’ll have to pay, to buy the right to stay in my imagination,” he sings.

Take a listen below… What do you think?

  1. Dan 9 years ago


  2. Carol 9 years ago

    Soooooo groovy

  3. Hannah 9 years ago

    You have a new fan!

  4. Chrystal 9 years ago

    A new favorite

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