New Music: Jeremih feat. Flo Rida – Tonight Belongs To U!



R&B crooner Jeremih is turning it up a notch for the dancers to rock to.

A different sound from what we’re used to hearing on tracks from the provocative singer, his new release featuring Flo-Rida, takes a more EDM approach to the music scene. Titled “Tonight Belongs To U!,” the track will have you dancing the night away every time you hit play.

While there’s no word on if this is the next single to come off of Late Nights: The Album, we’re planning to enjoy its sound any way.

Take a listen next:

In addition to this release, rapper Flo-Rida also teamed up with another R&B crooner for his own single. Calling on Chris Brown for what could be his next big hit and party rockin’ banger titled “Here It Is,” the rapper is making sure his mainstream success never falters.

Give it a listen below:

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