Video: Ferow – Faded Friday



It may be Sunday, but if you had a ‘Faded Friday’ than you might have something in common with up-and-coming singer/songwriter Ferow.

The emerging artist makes her official debut with the tantalizing new single visualized with a provocative black-and-white video. Surrounded by a enough liquor to fill a bar, Ferow sings about drowning her woes (not Drake’s woes) over a dude that won’t commit, while showing off what he’s missing with some seductive dance moves.

“Say that he love me, but he don’t really love me / Cuz I’m faded on a Friday,” she coos on the irresistible chorus.

Peep the video below:

Download the song here.

  1. Guzica 9 years ago

    That’s Shanell! D.Wood’s (of Danity Kane) sister! This song is amazing, video is good too! I hope this will finally bring her success!!! I like the name too.. “Ferow”, easy to remember. :-)

  2. Iesha L. Taylor 9 years ago

    I do see how you could get them confused due to their nose to ear chain, but this is not Shanell!!!

  3. Guzica 9 years ago

    Yeah, I know now.. it’s def. not Shanell lol

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