John Legend Sings “Toys R Us” Jingle (Response to Jamie Foxx’s Impression)



This past Tuesday during his visit to “The Tonight Show” Jamie Foxx gave a hilarious impersonation of John Legend while playing the game “Wheel of Impressions” with Jimmy Fallon. The song he had to sing as Legend was the famous jingle for Toys R Us, and he basically nailed it, at least in our opinion.

Well, as the clip went viral John Legend saw it, and now as a playful response he has recorded a video of himself singing the song!

At the end he even takes a little jab at Foxx by singing “hallelujah” in reference to his questionable performance of the national anthem at the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight.

Watch the clip below:

  1. Ipanema 9 years ago

    R&B world`s beef lmao)))

  2. GoldenChild89 9 years ago

    LOL!!! I caught that too. ‘Hallelujah Hallelujah’ at the end.

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