New Music: Azekel – Mad About The Boy


Azekel Mad About The Boy

Up and coming UK based artist Azekel returns with his first release of 2015 and he continues to impress. Following acclaimed breakout singles “New Romance” and “Holy Matrimony,” the singer/songwriter/producer expounds upon his progressive sound, while delivery a concept common to many in a rebound relationship on “Mad About The Boy.”

“This is a song inspired by a situation I was in with a girl,” he tells Complex. “It’s my reflection on the rituals of trying to get someone to reveal their true feelings for you.”

As he does by confronting his girl about her feelings for him based on a past lover, and just when you assume this is a singular perspective, Azekel is joined by female singer Shanaz Dorsett to contribute the proper dialogue a couple would go through.

“There’s no tryin to fight it / Come on babe just let it flow / There’s not tryin to hide it / Let’s make a move before this time goes,” he sings over the pulsating synth-heavy track.

The song is the first single off his forthcoming EP ‘Raw, Vol 1,’ which is due out July 12 via Thunderlighting Recordings. Take a listen below:

  1. Julez 7 years ago

    So Good!

  2. temi 7 years ago

    Can’t lie & I’m mad about this too!

  3. John 7 years ago

    Can’t lie this is quite dope!

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