Listen: The Red Light Special R&B Podcast #7 with Special Guest Ryan Leslie


Red Light Special Podcast

On this week’s episode of “Red Light Special” Rob and Kristin are joined in the studio by singer/songwriter, producer and rapper Ryan Leslie to talk about his new album MZRT, the unique way he’s selling his music and why he’s willing to give every single one of his fans his phone number so they can text him. Ryan also opens up about how his hustle affects his love life and clarifies his current relationship with his ex-girlfriend Cassie.

In regards to his 2012 lyric: “My new chick is so hot that’s why I like her/ My ex chick is so hot, but Diddy wife’d her.” Ryan explained; “I believe there’s a time and a season for every special moment. And that time and that season and the place that we were as a team in New York City… is wildly and vastly different to the lives and our present situations.”

“When I wrote those lyrics, that was 2012 – it’s three years out. Much has changed. I actually haven’t spoken to her in a long time. So If I’m actually shouting people out… I would actually just say if I could offer an apology for the just the number of questions or the number of off-color references or prodding or people wanting to stir things up. I think at the very core of it, when you listen to those records it just sounded like there was magic there. And seasons change and times change and like I said our present existence is so wildly and vastly different to that which it was at the time we were making those records.”

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  1. John 9 years ago

    I love Ryan Lesilie

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