Video: Joss Stone – Stuck On You



The soulful Joss Stone is set to release her new album Water For Your Soul tomorrow July 31, and to accompany the release she has dropped a video for her favorite song on the album, “Stuck On You.”

“I’ve been playing new songs gradually while on the road and it really is the scariest thing,” she recently told Official Charts. “I find when you’re playing new songs it’s important to explain what it’s about, otherwise it doesn’t go down very well. Stuck On You has gone down really well live, people really like that one. I mean, it’s got a Sarod in it for goodness sake! It’s also probably my favorite song on the album. I really love it.”

Unable to control herself from a powerful love, the English singer performs the ethereal tune from an underwater setting.

Delve into the new video below:

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