Video: David Morin – Come Home



Soulful singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Morin returns with the debut of the music video for latest single “Come Home.”

The song itself is about the nesting period of a relationship, as Morin beckons for his bread winning woman over a rickety beat. The video showcases how the guitar and loop-pedal virtuoso makes a solo performance sound like an entire band, something he has perfected while busking across the globe.

Morin explains, “‘Come Home’ is about your loved one working in this monotonous world and wanting to be with them. In the video, we wanted to depict women in unusual positions in the workplace to highlight the inequality that exists today. It is, however, predominately a classic song about love.”

Earlier this month, Morin released his debut album Every Colour on Bombay Records. Check out his latest video below:

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