Marc E. Bassy Signs to Republic Records, Releases “Some Things Never Change” Video


Marc E Bassy STNC

We told you to watch out for Marc E. Bassy and now the singer-songwriter has signed to Republic Records and will release his East Hollywood EP at all digital retailers on October 30. Originally released as a free mixtape via his Soundcloud page, the commercial release of the EP will serve as his debut on the label.

In connection with the announcement, Marc has also debuted his self-directed video for the standout track “Some Things Never Change.”

Filmed by his Platter Mob squad (members include Marc E. Bassy, Nic Nac, Bobby Brackins, and Robert Stewart) in his own backyard, the California native shares a rare glimpse into his well-guarded psyche. Surrounded by his best friends and his favorite vices, the video follows Marc E. Bassy as he walks through a moonlit carnival, bringing the chorus to life: “Money. Fame. Always on my brain / Some things never change, some things never change.”

“When I say ‘money, fame,’ it’s not just about that. I’m saying that once you’ve begun dedicating your life to something like entertainment you can’t really escape the desire for these things,” explains Marc. “‘STNC’ is about being unable to escape a superficial world. When I try to free myself from the usual temptations that come with being a musician, the longing for success pulls me back in. I make music to escape but the music becomes the catalyst for superficiality and I get caught in an infinite loop. It’s like the thing I do to be zen makes me do the most un-zen things. The song is about coming to grips with the fact that all I wanna do is sing my songs all over the world and be successful.”

Check out the video below:

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