Indie: J. Rowe Releases ‘B.L.U.E.’ Album


J. Rowe Blue (Front)

Rising indie artist J. Rowe is looking to make a major impact in 2016.

The singer-songwriter has been building a budding career, which has lead to national radio play, and now he continues to impact listeners with the release of his album B.L.U.E.

“B.L.U.E depicts life! Overtime you will be loved. Overtime you will be hated. There are very few people in this massive world that will love you unconditionally,” explains J. Rowe. “Being.Loved.Usually.Ends. So you have to find ways to cope & live on. My way is through music & artistic view! R&B with a sexy, raw, & uncut edge. That’s what you can expect when you hear #BLUE.”

The project kicks off with a hard edge, as Rowe flexes elements of rap inspired R&B, but his brightest moments shine through on the many bedroom jams. On the sexy “H.O.B.” he takes inspiration from R. Kelly, cooing out to his lady to go half on a baby. Over the smooth “Favor 4A Favor,” J seduces his lover with the exchange of oral pleasures, and the steamy “Mood” keeps the temperatures rising.

Stream ‘B.L.U.E.’ below, and you can pick it up on iTunes now.

J. Rowe Blue (Back)

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