Watch: Monica Kills Her Own #SoGoneChallenge



Mo still got it y’all!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have noticed that Monica and Missy Elliott‘s #SoGoneChallenge has been taking over the internet. Freestyling to the pair’s classic track, “So Gone,” rappers everywhere have been posting their versions all over social media. The challenge has even attracted participation from some of today’s biggest stars like Chicago MC, Chance the Rapper, and NBA Star, Damian Lillard.

Today, while she was in the studio with Missy, Mo decided to let these young kids know that she’s still got it. In her version of the challenge, she flows so easily on the beat while Misdemeanor dances in the background. She raps, “Monica will still snap / Kick down doors until my heels crack / Now I’m making racks while they rapping on my old track.”

At the end of the clip, of course Monica hits us with those famous vocals of hers. With a smile she sings, “When I walk up in the booth / the way I spit my rhyme / I kick a freestyle off the top / The world lost their mind.” We’d have to agree, that no one can do it better than the original.

Check out Monica’s #SoGoneChallenge below.

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