Mali Music Releases “Gonna Be Alright” Video + “Loved By You” feat. Jazmine Sullivan


Ahead of the release of his new album, The Transition of Mali, due June 2, Mali Music shows his lighthearted and upbeat side with the release of his video for “Gonna Be Alright.”

In the video, Mali evokes nostalgia, parodying iconic television shows like Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Married With Children, and Martin. The visual flips the inspirational tone of the song into a depiction of pure joy mixed with a dash of humor.

Mali comments on the video saying, “The video is fun! It reminds me of simpler and better times. Those days when the shows on TV helped us escape and believe. I want it to be something that makes the viewers smile.”

In addition to the “Gonna Be Alright” video, Mali has shared one of the most-anticipated tracks off his new album, a collaboration with Jazmine Sullivan titled, “Loved By You.”

Trading verses on the romantic ballad, Mali sings: “Now when I say ‘take your heart’ I’m not talking about robbery / I’m talking lots of talks and texts, the cost to be, the one we ought to see / Though talks and texts can get the point from A to B.”

Jazmine joins him over the soulful track with background adlibs and singing: “Yes, it’s so good to be loved by you.”

Check out Mali’s new video and duet with Jazmine below.

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