Def Jam Newcomer DaniLeigh Releases New Single “Play” feat. Kap G



Def Jam have introduced their newest artist, DaniLeigh.

The South Florida native of Dominican descent is a singer, dancer, choreographer and director. For her first official release through her venture with Def Jam, Dani has released the brand new turn-up single “Play” featuring Kap G, along with her previously released song “Lurkin.”

The summer is about living life to the fullest, letting cares go, and a little stuntin’ won’t hurt — this is the motto that Dani applies over the slapping track.

“And when it goes down / I be with my team 100 bottles on us / We already up ain’t nowhere to go now / We gon’ keep on doin’ us and let you figure it out,” she sings with rap flow. “I just made a play / Watch me make it rain on a sunny day.”

While, DaniLeigh may be a new name to you as an artist, there is a good chance you’ve seen her work as she previously directed the 2013 video for Prince’s song “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Take a listen to “Play” below.

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