Indie: Ezek Releases New Mixtape ‘The 3RD Relationship’



Indie artist Ezek (Nwokoma Anyaoha) makes his ThisisRnB debut with the release of, The 3RD Relationship, an introduction to his artistic versatility inspired by the experiences and circumstances of his ‘third relationship.’

Born in Lagos, Nigeria the rapper/singer moved to America with his family when he was 11-years-old. Currently based in Baltimore, Maryland the young artist grew up around African music, but began to use his various inspirations to pursue his own musical passions in high school, when his older brother challenged him to do something with music-making computer software.

“As an artist, I like to fuse genres and sounds to make something new, and lace it up with lyrics that tell you what state of mind I was in when I made the song,” explains Ezek.

Speaking about his new project, Ezek says: “[The 3RD Relationship] isn’t an album, it’s more so an experiment of versatility regarding various types of sounds and styles of music. The core of the lyrics are based off my last relationship, which was my third relationship. Little bits and pieces of the inner issues of that relationship are spread all over this tape. This is a prelude of what’s to come from my full length debut album.”

Ezek has much more on the way, including an untitled R&B/Soul & Pop album, which is still in the works. Plus, his debut Afrobeat album titled ‘Ride Or Die.’ Both projects are expected to drop in 2018.

The 3rd Relationship will hit all music stores and streaming platforms on Friday (August 11). You can pre-order it on iTunes now. Stream it below in advance via Soundcloud.

For more info follow Ezek on social media:

Instagram: @ezekeleek
Twitter: @Ezekgudboy
Facebook: @ezekeleek

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