Strych9 Musik Overdose Album

Indie: Producer & Songwriter Strych9 Musik Premieres R&B Compilation Album ‘Overdose’


Strych9 Musik Overdose Album

Music producer and songwriter Strych9 Musik has premiered his R&B compilation album, Overdose, solely produced by the St. Louis native.

The 8-track project features tantalizing melodies and passionately conveyed lyricism from great indie artists such as Ashten Majors, Fitzgerald, Ryan Drews, RoyyalT, and Ashley Nicole. Overdose delivers emotionally charged tales of passion, sensuality, heartache, and breakup that R&B fans will surely identify with.

Fitzgerald performs the lead single and title track “Overdose.” The crooner’s distinctly smooth and sensual voice conveys a situation where he realizes his fantasies and intimate encounters with another woman, is affecting his current relationship.

“Heartbreaker” is performed by Ashley Nicole featuring Chi The Realist, whose soulful voice and unique texture delivers an emotionally charged story of a woman whose selfishness brings about the demise of her relationship, breaking her man’s heart.

“S.I.N.G.L.E.”, by Ryan Drews, was written after a recent break up with his ex-girlfriend. He was at a stage where he just wanted to enjoy the ‘single life,’ but his ex-girlfriend continued to question his whereabouts and whom he was spending time with.

The album showcases Strych9’s abilities as a music producer working on a full-scale project and gives exposure to artists he’s built relationships with over the years. Strych9 is a music creator, producer and owner of Magnum O.P.U.S. based in St. Louis, MO. Additionally, he is the founder of “We Create Music,” a growing social community of music creators that believes in collaborating and empowering other music innovators and entrepreneurs.

Stream ‘Overdose‘ the album below.

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