K. Michelle Reveals 22 Song Tracklisting for New Album ‘The People I Used To Know’


K. Michelle has had a lot to get off her chest and she will be venting her feelings through the 22 songs on her forthcoming fourth studio album, The People I Used To Know.

The R&B vixen is currently prepping for the release of the follow-up to 2016’s More Issues Than Vogue, and now she has given fans a first-look at the project’s lengthy tracklisting.

Across 22 tracks, the album includes features from Chris Brown (“Either Way”), Jeremih (“Takes Two”) and Princess Nokia (“Princess Nokia Outro”).  Kimberly was also sure to cause intrigue with some of the unique song titles, including “God, Love, Sex, and Drugs,” “Kim K” and “F*ck Your Man.”

“My baby The People I Used To Know is ready,” she wrote in a message to fans on Instagram. “My toughest decision making process ever on an album.”

The project has no release date yet, but last month she debuted the singles “Birthday” and “Either Way.”


01. Welcome to the People I Used to Know
02. Alert
03. God, Love, Sex, and Drugs
04. Song Cry
05. Crazy Like You
06. Kim K
07. Takes Two feat. Jeremih
08. Rounds
09. The Bully Game Interlude
10. Either Way feat. Chris Brown
11. Birthday
12. Fuck Your Man
13. No Not You
14. Giving Up On Love
15. Help Me Grow Interlude
16. Heaven
17. Run Don’t Walk
18. Industry Suicide Interlude
19. Talk to God
20. Brain on Love
21. Woman of My Word
22. Princess Nokia Outro

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