Miguel Talks New Album ‘War & Leisure,’ Advice from Pharrell


Miguel announced his new album War & Leisure during his recent performance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and on Friday he paid a visit to his hometown radio station Power 106 for a candid interview with The LA Leakers.

Speaking with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk, the R&B maverick shared some of his Mexican pride, and got right into today’s tough political climate. When asked about his inspiration behind the album’s contrasting title, Miguel explained how it’s really a combination of addressing the issues of the world today, while still maintaining a level of joy and staying positive.

“We have all the ability to communicate, but somehow we are still on the brink of war?” said Miguel. “I feel like War and Leisure is where we are at, it’s where I am because I wake up and go ‘Wow how can I do something that people are going to pay attention to, but still be true to myself,’ in the midst of all of us.”

Adding, “We’re all battling, we all have this thing, but we’re trying to stay positive and I think that’s just where I feel like we are, war and leisure … But, I want to have fun too, I want to party, I want to laugh and be joyous, but I still have to acknowledge and recognize what else is happening.”

Miguel also explained why he doesn’t think he would have a conversation with President Donald Trump because they aren’t on the same “frequency.”

Moving back to the album, the “Sky Walker” singer spoke about creating that single and staying true to himself while still giving fans something new. Additionally, he talked about working with super producer Salaam Remi, and the best advice he received from Pharrell Williams.

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