New Music: Maurice Moore – Little More


Maurice Moore sets the tone for his anticipated debut project The Amber Room with the smooth new single “Little More.”

The buzzing Canadian R&B artist lets listeners in on some very personal feelings during his past romance. With a retro-future vibe to the feel-good track, Moore channels frustrations he shares with his girl who hasn’t acknowledged his romantic gestures.

“All I need, is a tease and a kiss or three baby / All I need, a thank you or two is enough for me / All I need, is a little more than you’re giving me,” he sings.

Speaking about the song Maurice Moore told Billboard: “I was going through a weird place in my relationship. I was happy, but I was also frustrated. I felt like a lot of the things I was doing weren’t being recognized. I was underappreciated, because my girl at the time didn’t understand my lifestyle. She didn’t see the little things. Little More tells her to pay attention a little more. It’s exactly what I was going through.”

He also added, “’Little More’ was one of the first songs I created for The Amber Room, It acts as a sort of bedding for the themes and soundscapes I touch on during the rest of the mixtape. The Amber Room takes you on the journey of a summer from its promising beginnings to the inevitable end. I really felt that ‘Little More’ set the tone for the story of The Amber Room in the perfect way. It’s a story that reels you in from start to finish.”

The Amber Room is due out later this fall.

Take a listen below:

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