New Video: Toni Braxton – Deadwood


The much anticipated video for Toni Braxton‘s comeback single “Deadwood” has arrived.

The primarily black-and-white visual finds the iconic songstress performing seductively behind a vintage microphone with a cellist by her side and various scenes projected in the background.

“Just wanna let you know / I won’t let this one go / You got me down, but I ain’t out,” she sings over the guitar-laced track. “Think you got me good / Left me like some deadwood / I may be down but I’ll turn it ’round.”

In between her performance shots, visual effects dazzle the screen, including broken glass, lightning bolts, cigar smoke, and sparkly diamonds. Meanwhile, she is joined by a hunky co-star, who she previously gushed about.

“There is this guy in the video who’s super sexy,” she said. “I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of him. He’s great eye candy.”

Toni Braxton’s new solo album Sex & Cigarettes, the follow-up to 2010’s Pulse, is due out early next year. Announcing the album during an interview with The Insider, Braxton explained: “I’m excited to be doing what I love doing,” she said. “The new album comes out at the top of the year and it’s called Sex & Cigarettes. I feel like I’m older, I want to say what I feel, I don’t want to be censored.”

Check out her video for “Deadwood” above.

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