Watch: Miguel Gives Funky Private Performance for VEVO


Fresh off the release of his new album, War & Leisure, Miguel performed revamped versions of the album’s early releases for Vevo.

Backed by a band at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere venue, the Los Angeles crooner delivered soulful vocals over live instrumentation. While staying true to the original material, the performance also featured a rock-infused edge to the funk, soul, blues, and R&B.

Miguel performed a 4 song set starting with “Pineapple Skies” and “Sky Walker.” Dressed in a white hoodie under a velvet burgundy robe, he danced across the stage smoothly, as his band rocked out behind him. Warm and cool fluorescent lights appeared around the crew while stunning angles captured their rhythmic movements.

“Pineapple Skies” and “Sky Walker” are the two official singles off War & Leisure. “Part of this album’s purpose was finding a balance between being aware of what’s going on and not letting it weigh me down,” Miguel told Vevo.

Sound-wise, the R&B innovator continues to sanction a string of inventive ideas, and from politics to personal revelations, the album’s ever-shifting vibe makes each track feel like a new adventure. Next up, he removed the robe for performances of “Come Through and Chill” and “Told You So.”

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